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Bayonne Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Master the most unstoppable grappling & submission techniques in the world in every one of these insanely awesome classes.


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The style that beats all other styles?

For self-defense, most people practice punches and kicks...but 9 out of 10 fights end up on the ground. That makes all of those striking techniques completely USELESS.

When a fight goes to the ground though...Co-Ed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shines.

That makes it one of the most practical, real-world forms of self-defense on the planet.

Gets your entire body in AMAZING shape.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one heck of an awesome workout. Every class will have you working hard and sweating.

It burns fat, strengthens and tones muscle, and boosts your energy and overall physique.

Some people join our classes JUST for the workout! After all, it's so fun that you forget you're building strength and burning calories.

Discover self-defense... compete in tournaments... or just get an action-packed workout.

Interested in competing in tournaments? Or maybe you just want to stay safe? Or maybe you just want a workout that's as fun as it is effective?

Whether your goals are one, two, or all three of the above... we've got you covered.

People come to us for each of those reasons - and get them to where they want to go. We'd love to help you crush your goals, too.

Beginners AND pros are more than welcome.

99% of our students were BRAND NEW to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when they first walked through our doors. So if you're a beginner - you're in a community that understands what that's like.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about. We'd love nothing more than to get you up to speed and show you the ropes.

On the other hand - seasoned vets get just as much out of our training. Our amazing instructors will help you perfect your techniques, learn new ones, increase your strength, and reach that next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are never the ones to start fights. They're the ones who do everything in their power to avoid fights. But if a fight has to happen, they are ready to defend themselves. So no, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not violent. As far as your body goes, the exercise involved may be tough for you at first. But you're welcome to go at your own pace. This isn't the army or anything! We're here to support you and help you succeed. It may be hard, but not enough to cause injuries. It is just hard enough to form a great calorie-burning workout.
Not at all! In fact, many of our students are those who didn't enjoy other sports. Many of them were not athletic before joining this class. Now they're in better shape than anyone else they know. They're lean fit and feeling great! So if you're not athletic already, don't worry, we'll help you get there.
Any physical activity can lead to injury, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is no exception - but because we place so much care in keeping you safe .... We hardly EVER see injuries here. We guide you through the correct way to do each technique. This way, you don't harm your body. We also show you how to stretch properly, further reducing your chances of injury. You go at your own pace, so you don't force your body to do anything it's not ready for. Students who pick up on BJJ quickly are just as valued as those who need to slow down, and learn at a different pace.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Zohaib Shahid
- a week ago
The moment you walk in you'll find yourself at home. As many others have said, you're joining a family of people who are eager to learn self-defense, build strength, improve overall fitness, and have a great time doing it. Heaping amounts of respect for Soke Ray for all that he does for his students.

Omar Ramdan
- a week ago
Great studio with an even better instructor. Takes the time to make sure every single student is attended to. Would highly recommend bringing yourself and or your kids here.

- a week ago
Great class last night for my son and I .Great for the kids to learn self defense while learning self control and teamwork.Gonna keep coming back👍👍

Chad Remis
- 5 months ago
Senshi Tori Mixed Martial Arts is a great place to learn self defense and get in shape. They truly care about you as a person and not just your money. Soke Ray takes time to get to know his students one by one and truly makes you feel like family. There is not a better place or person to learn martial arts. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Summer A
- 5 months ago
Love love love this school! The owner/ Sen Sei Ray (who is a five time black belt) is attentive and treats everyone like family. Everyone is extremely friendly and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Never learn the same thing twice and always feel pushed and challenged to excel. Class hours are great for anyone who has a 9 -5 and there's almost a different type of class each night. The best Gem is the Sunday Privates. Highly recommend Ray and his son Justin (who won the 2018 NJ Light Weight Golden Gloves) you're being taught by 2 people who not only know what they're teaching practice and excel in the arts!

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